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Trained and Background Verified Packers & Movers in New Delhi with an insurance of up to INR 10000. Our 4+ rated experts use top-quality packing material for House Shifting

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Compare the price of best Packers and Movers Delhi for Domestics Home Shifting in Delhi. 100% Door to Door Delivery Guarantee Quality & Hassle-Free Service best rates. Affordable pricing. Safe & Reliable. Office Shifting. Competitive rates. Hassle-Free Shifting. IBA Approve.

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The most common storage needs

For individuals

Freight taxi services, removals, home delivery and warehousing services cost-effectively. Are you moving? Maybe you need temporary storage? Did you buy furniture and need a home delivery? We provide all the transportation and storage services needed by households with solid professionalism.

  • Moving Services
  • Moving boxes and packaging supplies
  • home delivery
  • Express delivery
  • warehousing Services

We carry out all removals of homes and holiday homes smoothly, albeit completely as a turnkey service. We also provide you with all the necessary work needs for moving from moving boxes to the protection of fragile and valuable objects in your home.

Home deliveries are also part of our everyday life. Whether you need a sofa, a TV level or a new interior for your whole home, you can get transport from us quickly and cheaply. If you wish, we also take your old furniture and appliances out for recycling.

We are also helpful if you need more storage space

house hold storage Chennai


With us, you can store for a short, or longer time according to your needs.
Our rooms are dry and warm.
There is a recordable camera surveillance in the area!

Longer rental periods are priced separately at a low annual rate

Home for sale, exchange or redecoration for sale

When it’s time to slightly change the look of your home for the duration of the sale, a small warehouse is a convenient and affordable place to store home furniture that has been left out as a result of redecorating.

Moving to a service home

When moving to a service home, small storage can easily be used to store the home's furniture and goods.

Moving together

It easily happens that in a confrontation, the goods of two homes do not fit in a common dwelling. Small storage allows for convenient storage of extra furniture for short and long-term storage.


When it’s time to slightly change the look of your home for the duration of the sale, a small warehouse is a convenient and affordable place to store home furniture that has been left out as a result of redecorating.

self storage Chennai

Warehousing Services

MySafe offers storage services in specially equipped storage bins. Rent a warehouse in our company can both legal entities and individuals.We also offer a wide range of additional services:

  • Delivery of property to the company's warehouse;
  • Packing (if necessary, we provide packaging materials, boxes, scotch tape);
  • Assistance in rational placement of things in a personal box (if necessary, racks can be installed in the box).

Storing things in a personal box is convenient, safe and profitable! You do not need to rent a spacious room in order to store a small amount of property: the size of a personal cell starts from 1 square meter.Warehouses may be required by our customers:

  • for storing seasonal items;
  • for storage of property during moving or repair (our services include the ability to store furniture, clothes, household appliances, office equipment, valuables);
  • in order to leave a small batch of goods.

Storage services: maximum security

  • The service of providing a warehouse for storing things implies guarantees of the integrity, safety, security of your property.
  • Our storage facilities are located in Moscow, you can easily choose a warehouse that is located as conveniently as possible from your point of view.
  • All warehouses are guarded, under video surveillance, equipped with an alarm system. In personal cells temperature and humidity are controlled.
  • Access to property can only be obtained by the owner or his authorized representatives.
  • The rental time depends on your desire. If you entered into an agreement with our company, and then you needed to extend the lease term, we will definitely meet you.
  • Our services include all the necessary advice. Contact us with questions about the area of ​​free personal cells, rental periods, costs, for other information.
  • The conditions for the provision of storage services can be clarified with the managers of MySafe.

Benefits of answering the storage of household appliances

  • Reliability, safety of equipment safety;
  • Convenience of placing warehouse territory;
  • Liability of the company to the client for the transportation and storage of household appliances without damage;
  • Providing warehouse for any period;
  • The use of new, modern equipment and technologies;
  • A sufficient number of employees to work with customers;
  • Registration of necessary documentation;
  • Implementation of additional external relations at the request of the client;
  • Maintaining the correct temperature and humidity levels in the warehouse.

Our company provides a comprehensive solution as convenient as possible. There is no need to look for a carrier company, control the loading and unloading process, accompany the driver and movers to the warehouse. Forwarders of our company provide not only storage services for equipment, but also arrange transportation and packaging of valuable cargo.

Attributes of Household Storage and Removal Service Charge/Cost

We take pride in announcing that our Household Self Storage service has given a sigh of relief to our many customers who have not only been turned into our loyal customer but also have become our quality plenipotentiary in Gati Packers.

  • - Security (24*7)
  • - CCTV Surveillance
  • - Monthly Pest Control
  • - Weekly Vacuum
  • - Cleaning
  • - Inventory Management
  • - Retrieval Facility
  • - Fire-Fighting Equipment
  • - Inventory Management

You will definitely get an extreme level of competence while dealing with Gati Packer and Movers. We only hire people, who are professional and confident who are willing to set high standards. You can directly contact your Household Storage and Warehousing requirement. appeal your free in-facility alikeness right now by fill out our easy and quick quote form.

To know more about Gati Movers Cost-Effective Storage facility, call us directly on 7048991369 or request more information online.

Household Goods Storage And Removal Service In Chennai Approx Charges/Cost

Shifting Type Within 1 month Within 3 month Within 6 month Within 1 Year Within 3 years above
1 BHK Home Items Rs 2,000 - 5,000 Rs. 7,000 - 13,000 Rs. 9,000 - 12,000 Rs. 18,000 - 30,000 Rs. 30,000 - 35,000
2 BHK Home Items Rs 4,000 - 7,000 Rs. 12,000 - 13,000 Rs. 24,000 - 35,000 Rs. 48,000 - 70,000 Rs. 1,20,000 - 1,90,000
3 BHK Home Items Rs 6,000 - 9,000 Rs. 25,000 - 30,000 Rs. 35,000 - 40,000 Rs. 45,000 - 50,000 Rs. 50,000 - 65,000
4 BHK/Villa Items Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs. 27,000 - 40,000 Rs. 50,000 - 90,000 Rs. 95,000 - 1,65,000 Rs. 1,00,000 - 3.00,000
Car/Bike Storage - Rs. 6,000 - 11,500 Rs. 9,000 - 14,500 Rs. 12,000 - 20,000 Rs. 40,000 - 25,000

Note*: These are only transportation charges. The actual charge may increase as per requirements and applicable taxes.

Region Contact Person Contact Number
North Region Mr. Santosh Shukla 09319663710
East Region Ms. Rahul Kumar 09811911731
West Region Mr. Anand Panday 09590010005
South Region Mr. Subharm Bhartam 09315134908
Karnataka Region Mr. Arvind Sharma 09579577100


Household Goods Storage And Removal Service In Chennai Approx Charges/Cost

200 CFT 220 INR 1980 INR
300 CFT 330 INR 2970 INR
630 CFT 440 INR 3960 INR
735 CFT 550 INR 4950 INR
890 CFT 660 INR 5940 INR
995 CFT 770 INR 6930 INR
1630 CFT 880 INR 7920 INR
2170 CFT 1100 INR 9900 INR


2.5' CUBE 130 INR 1521 INR
4' CUBE 200 INR 2340 INR
6' CUBE 300 INR 3510 INR
8' CUBE 400 INR 5200 INR
12' CUBE 500 INR 6500 INR
16' CUBE 600 INR 7800 INR
20' CUBE 800 INR 10400 INR


200 CFT 220 INR 2750 INR 33660 INR
300 CFT 330 INR 3850 INR 50490 INR
630 CFT 440 INR 4950 INR 67320 INR
735 CFT 550 INR 6050 INR 84150 INR
890 CFT 660 INR 7150 INR 89760 INR
995 CFT 770 INR 8250 INR 100980 INR
1630 CFT 880 INR 9350 INR 134640 INR
2170 CFT 1100 INR 11000 INR 168300 INR


2.5' CUBE 130 INR 2112 INR 25350 INR
4' CUBE 200 INR 3250 INR 39780 INR
6' CUBE 300 INR 4550 INR 59670 INR
8' CUBE 400 INR 5850 INR 79560 INR
12' CUBE 500 INR 8450 INR 99450 INR
16' CUBE 600 INR 9750 INR 119340 INR
20' CUBE 800 INR 11700 INR 159120 INR


  • If storage is more than 6 months, 15% discount will be provided if 100% advance payment is made.
  • If Storage is more than 12 months,25% discount will be provided if 100% advance payment is made.


  • Home Storage Insurance @ 3% at the declared value on per month basis.
  • *GST @ 18% on the total bill amount charged for moving and storage.
  • Unpacking, Unloading & Loading, Packing, Transport Cost to the nearest house
  • Handyman Services, if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Self Household Storage in Chennai? | India Living?

Ans. Does anyone know if there is self storage available in Chennai (kinda like in the gati and agarwal)? Also, if you have had experience with one of those places, please advise on the level of service and costs associated with renting a unit..

Q 2. Who The Box Self Storage Services? | India Living

Ans. Gati Movers company provides a comprehensive solution as convenient as possible. with loading and unloading process.

Q 3. Has anyone used self storage in Chennai and what have you stored? How was the experience?

Ans. Absolutely YES. Gati packers and movers are licensed, experience, repute, credible, trusted, and competent. before associating ourselves with them. We are committed to bringing you the best Moving services that you deserve..

Q 4. Who provide Self Storage facility in Chennai?

Ans.I want to storage my household items. as i am shifting out of country. Gati Has Best packers and movers service in Chennai .India from you personal expirience if possible.

Q 5. who was provide packing and moving warehousing and storage services?

Ans. Yes, best gati also offer warehousing and storage services but you have to pay extra charges for such specific services.

Q 6. What is the responsibility and role of household storage?

Ans.Experienced movers and packers have much authority when shifts to your move from one place to another place. They administer full cooperation in the perfect movement of the Moving movement in order to give you the best removing involvement along with the peace of brain. They have the authority to pack all your appurtenances harmlessly and relocate them all to your target on time without generating any impairment in transport.

Q 7. Which are the top Storage startups in Chennai ?

Ans.Choose a professional stockpile efficiency with security consignment Movers choice up from your doorstep. deep rental on storage area - an only reward for the area that you commit. strong preparatory offers and affable qualified consultation, so if you’re dubious about all on warehouse storage lease – equitable ask! A wide dimension of Styrofoam materials, counting cardboard box, bubble wrap, and more. An excellent of high term or shortened term storage explanation, so you only stipend for the time that you commit. dry, Clean, secure, and individual storage facilities, so you know that your appurtenances are safe from theft and harm. 24 X 7 Security and CCTV analysis Integrated with Fire alarm and Fire control systems All Household Goods are storage on Regular pest control service Insurance analysis from Choice National insurance.

Q 8. Which are the top warehousing and self-storage startups in India?

Ans.And other analogous to the ones specified above, then self-storage expertness afford by Self Storage In India are flowing to be a boon for you. Gati Packers is one of the top warehousing and Household-storage association in India. Though the current warehouse operates only in Noida, Chennai , and Chennai , new ones are in the course of composing in other Indian cities like Chennai , Vadodara, Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and much more other locations.

Q 9. Where do I get a warehouse facility in Chennai ?

Ans.Looking for car and self-storage facility? storage facility Chennai provides temporary household safe and public storage facility in Chennai and Chennai at economical price.Get the Top And Best warehouse for rent to carry your absolute items secure.. Contact today for more details!

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  • Poojara Panday

    star star star star star
    16 days ago

    Movers and packers Chennai service was amazing. There was no communication gap and they meet all my requirements and demands. Their prices are reasonable. I had hired them to shift from Chennai to pune. They unload everything safely. They give me advice for the best time for the shifting and completed it all within that. Everything was great and according to my demands. Their staff was also professional and well mannered. fully satisfied with their service. High recommendation from my side.

  • Ashok Kumar

    star star star star star
    13 days ago

    God, what do i tell about these guys.these guys made my relocation easy and smooth. Few groceries are broken but rest of my luggage was unharmed but worker was amazing they rearrange my goods reassemble them.

  • sanjay Ranwa

    star star star star star
    16 days ago

    The worker was professional they unload my goods and carry all the goods to Fourth floor without any damage.hire them then you will know these fellow worth my

  • Paradise

    star star star star star
    25 days ago

    I had to move from Chennai to Chandigarh i hire movers and packers I had a very memorable experience with them specially with Mr. Vinod he suggest me the best day to relocate my goods and delivered on time as he told me the response i got from company was great they were very helpful and Trustable. thanks to Mr. Vinod.

  • Aadinarayan Reddy

    star star star star star
    19 days ago

    The staff was skillful in packing with proper tools and they deliver my goods as they told me in same condition as they packed little bit expensive but worth it.

  • Dinesh Dhamaija

    star star star star star
    28 days ago

    Good work team mover and packers.they were like tornado they came and they gone and provide very good service just proper guidance and my stress was gone as they leave my place.