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What are the charges for storing my household goods in your Warehouse Bangalore?

Our charges are based on your items quantity, measurement, Packing and packing material, Transportation, how long you want our storage facility in Bangalore and insurance.

Do you provide a long term storage facility in Bangalore?

Yes, we offer long term storage service Bangalore. We can keep your valuable goods safe, sanitised and secured for a long period of time with outstanding Packing and unpacking products at affordable service in Bangalore.

I want to store my goods for a few days in your storage unit in Bangalore. What will you charge?

The charges depend on your number of items and their size, Packing and Packing material, transportation and time period of storing according to your needs and insurance.

What if my goods got damaged in your storage unit in Bangalore?

There are no chance of damage until unless our storage unit affected by the Natural disasters that's why we provide insurance in which we assist you to get the claim of your damage and loss.

How can i check my goods stored in storage units while I am away from Bangalore?

We insist you to visit our warehouse but somehow you can not visit our storage unit we can show your goods safety and security on video call

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